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Description: Migraine is a disease of the head that is also known as throbbing pain in headaches. In this disease, half of the head is painful, which is very painful. Migraine pain can be continuous for 2 hours to 42 hours.

Do you KNow About Migraines?

Migraine is a disease of the head that is also known as throbbing pain in headaches. In this disease, half of the head is painful, which is very painful. Migraine pain can be continuous for 2 hours to 42 hours. The pain of migraine hurts so much that the person suffering does not understand anything, for a short time the patient’s brain becomes numb. If you ever ask a person with a migraine about its pain, you will be scared to hear about its pain. Its pain is as if someone has hit the head with a heavy hammer. This disease occurs mostly in women, children and men can also suffer from it, but this problem is seen much more in women. Many times in a migraine, before the pain starts, the patient realizes that the pain is going to start. This symptom is called Aura.

Why does migraine occur?

The main reason for migraine disease is the patients themselves, some of the main reasons are as follows -Allergies, tension, strong light, strong aroma, loud sound, smoke, no sleep schedule, fasting, alcohol, irregular periods, birth control pills, hormonal changes, in addition to fish, peanuts, citrus fruits, and pickles. If we talk about the scientific cause of migraine, then certain types of chemicals begin to flow in the brain due to excessive expansion of some blood drains in it, these flows start by pressing due to nerve fibers. The flow of blood drains increases due to the flow of chemicals, which causes very unbearable pain in the head. This disease is also known for heredity, meaning, if one of your ancestors has a migraine problem, then the chance of getting this disease increases.

Migraine symptoms?

Every disease has a symptom from which that disease is identified. When it comes to migraine, it is a little difficult to identify, because the headache is commonly found, migraine also causes headaches. Aura is the most accurate way of identifying a migraine. If you have a feeling of pain before the head pain, such as a blur in front of the eyes, prickling in the skin, crooked curved lines, etc. are the main symptoms of identifying this disease. This is a neurological problem, by staying in it, Besides this, symptoms of this disease include vomiting, nausea, dark circles near the eyes, extra sensitivity to sound, additional sensitivity to light.

Is Migraine damning? Pay special attention to food, try not to eat too much oily food
Certainly, this disease is very dangerous, it is not permissible to deny it at all. Migraine pain is more than the breakdown of multiple bones simultaneously. In many cases, the patient dies due to pain. It has often been seen that migraine problems end with aging. This problem ends up being around 35-40 years.

Types of migraine :

In most migraines, the patient is troubled by head pain, but there are many types of this disease, different patients may have different types of migraine problems, migraine is mainly of 9 types-
1.Ophthalmoplegic migraine.
2.Status migrainosus.
3.Migraine with brainstem aura
4.Ophthalmic migraine
5.Hemiplegic migraine
6.Abdominal migraine
7.Vestibular migraine
8.Silent migraine
9.Menstrual migraine
This disease occurs in 75-80% of women, The main reason for this is that due to the period in women there are some changes in their hormones, and women take more mental stress than men and children.

Is it possible to treat it?

There are many differences regarding the treatment of migraine and these differences are due to a lack of proper understanding of the disease. The person who gives birth to a migraine is a person and its treatment is also possible on its own. Relief from this disease can be found by taking treatment with the right doctor along with some precautions. let see Some important facts about migraine treatment. In the underlying suggested the executives, normal analgesics, for example, ibuprofen and acetaminophen for cerebral pains, queasiness, and antidiabetic meds for starting issues are given. Explicit specialists, for example, tryptone or ergotamines might be utilized where typical analgesics are not powerful.

Some precautions to take to get rid of migraine:
meditation: It is one of the best ways to get rid of migraines.
2. Don’t take tension too much, tension can indirectly harm your health and your mind.
3.Keep a certain time of sleep and do not use the pillow.
4.Put the ice bag on the head and put it on the head during pain
5.Consumption of apple vinegar is very beneficial in migraines.
6.Do yoga and workout regularly
7.Pay special attention to food, try not to eat too much oily food.
8.Some people get instant relief from drinking coffee, try once.

When to contact the Doctor?

As you already know migraine is one of the untreated diseases. if you noticed regularly symptoms of migraine, make a note of your attacks and without make any dealy contact with any migraine specialist doctor.

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